Biztracker Retailer POS
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Biztracker screenBACKGROUND: Biztracker Retailer POS is our Legacy software that has been available since 1997. Biztracker Retailer POS was written using Microsoft Visual FoxPro as its Database which is now a discontinued product.
Microsoft has issued an End of Life statement for Visual FoxPro, which means they will not release any additional fixes, upgrades, versions or support. Our fear is that Microsoft will issue a Microsoft Windows Security Patch or Update that will "break" some aspect of Visual FoxPro and we will not be able to resolve this issue after January 2015 when all support from Microsoft ends. If this happens your POS software could stop working completely or it could become unstable and only parts of it will work.

ADDITIONAL UPCOMING ISSUES: Another upcoming issue that you will be facing is the roll out of “Chip Cards” or “EMV” Credit Cards coming later in 2015. If you wish to continue to take these new type of Credit Cards you will need to upgrade your software to Biztracker Infinity POS software and add additional hardware to read these new type cards. The new EMV type cards will start to be issued by Visa and MasterCard on October 15, 2015 so your new upgrade should be in place by then.

Upgrading to our Biztracker Infinity POS software will solve both of these issues. We are offering special prices on software upgrades and on compatible hardware now. Call now to get started on these important issues before time runs out!